Literacy and Storytelling Workshops For Children - 17th February 2016

Interested in fantastic storytelling workshops for Children? We work with a fantastic company who are ardent advocates of literacy, and believe the starting point for a love of literacy is some really great stories.

This company have a series of interactive fairytales with playful puppets as the main character. These engaging shows are “Twisted Tales”, re-telling traditional stories to encourage the audience to extend their imaginations and aid speaking and listening skills. These stories introduce the building blocks of narrative and encourage creative play. They can be used as a foundation for identifying with and retelling stories, engaging, enabling and motivating children. 

Currently available in this range are:


Stories are magical, they change every time they are told and this one is full of surprises! Our story teller is interrupted by a naughty puppet who wants to be part of the show, the main part- and he’s not sure he likes porridge. What will the bears say?

Mayhem and hilarity ensue and the audience are invited to growl along and join in.

Shortlisted for Best Children’s show at Brighton Fringe 2014

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood (with rabbits), but funnier than you remember it.

The big bad wolf is busy and his cousin, the little good wolf, comes instead, but he hasn't really listened to the story.

Our Red Riding Hood is different too - he is a very noisy rabbit. Interactive and eye-catching, with hand and rod puppets, storytelling and a lot of Hop-pity Hop, this wild weird wood is a wonderful place to be.

Snow Grey

A highly interactive twisted tale, Snow Grey leads you away from the fairy story you know and deeper into your imagination. With a clueless huntsman, an astonishing mirror and the heroine too cute to kill, the wicked Queen isn't winning. Heigh Ho.

Plenty of chances to dress up and join in with this fairy/mouse tale makes it a Stunning Starter or Fantastic Finish for literacy teaching in schools and libraries.

Story making workshops

We offer a story-making session during which we lead the children as a group in making their own unique story. It can be a verbal retelling of the story by the children, illustrated with shadow puppets and illuminated with drawings on an overhead projector or a dramatised re-telling of a story, using auditions and hot seating of characters, ending in a full costume drama!

These workshops support the children’s learning of:

• Speaking and listening 
• Collaborative work 
• Communication skills 
• Storytelling skills and different element of narrative (character, plot, setting, resolution etc) 
• Drama 
• Empathy

Children will gain confidence in expressing their ideas and be enthused about exploring further methods of retelling their story

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" It was a brilliant day and your team contributed towards that, both artists were excellent and we will use both in the future."

Event Organiser, London Borough of Tower Hamlets