Laughter Yoga Sessions - 15th December 2015

These workshops are aimed at teachers and school staff and are superb for this time of the year to instil a positive atmosphere and mentality. Your school and staff may benefit from these during stressful periods in the school calendar, or perhaps exam time.

The Laughter Yoga sessions are a mixture of light hearted physical warm up, breath based laughter exercises, team games, creativity exercises and group discussion.

Leela, our 'Laughter Yoga' leader and lady of merriment and mirth, is supremely talented and infinitely likeable and has delivered Laughter Yoga workshops to ITV's Loose Women, CBBC, and BBC Radio 2 amongst many others, as well as regularly to school groups of teachers and pupils.

Laughter dramatically reduces the stress hormone cortisol, and life and work is lighter and brighter after a good go ahead book a Laughter Yoga workshop today! Ideal group size for Laughter Yoga ranges from 15-30.

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