Athletic Street Style Entertainment - 15th October 2015

Athletic Street Style Entertainment

Street style athletics has exploded recently on to the entertainment scene with roots based in New York and on home grounds. We have some stunning acts available to provide your outdoor or indoor event with boundary pushing, raw and energetic performances by some of the countries most highly skilled athletes.

If you're hosting a large party and need some alternative unique acrobat styled street entertainment then these two suggests fit that like a glove. These Jump Rope skippers have moved into the corporate and commercial world due to high popularity and it's uniqueness.

We also have an incredible hula hoop troupe that offer something with a more colourful flair. These girls have taken on London classics such as Selfridges and Kensington Palace and have even set a WORLD RECORD in 2013 for the most hoops spun by a group of ten - 264 hoops!

Accompanying Musicians

Beatboxing requires very talented musicians who create upbeat performances using only their mouths as instruments. It makes for an exciting and energetic performance.

We have some of the best and upcoming DJ's that the UK has to offer. Complete with PA and lighting, projector screens with moving images, our DJs bring a complete package with thousands of songs at their fingertips and great equipment to get everyone and anyone dancing.

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