Working with a private client to produce a high-end circus cabaret in a garden setting - 24th February 2011

We were approached by Mr Pugh in late winter / early Spring 2011. Mr Pugh was looking forward to celebrating a birthday at his home in Hampshire in July of the same year, and had a notion that he would like to have circus performers providing some entertainment for his guests.

Initially, ideas were discussed via a phone meeting, so that we could gain a feel for the specific ideas Mr Pugh had, and the kind of acts that might work. We then sent a proposal via email for Mr Pugh to review, which included a suggestions list of acts, some provisional costs, and some notes for consideration. Mr Pugh’s idea was to hold the party outside, therefore acts were suggested which could work outside, but which would also work in an indoor space if wet weather prevailed.

Mr Pugh reviewed the ideas, and came back with some thoughts and suggestions of his own. In response to the proposal, he had decided that he would like acts to work as both meet and greet entertainment for guests, as well as performing a circus cabaret show. All would take place during the afternoon, with guests arriving from noon and taking lunch. Mr Pugh coined the phrase “The Pocket Circus”, which fired all of our imaginations, and a date and time was set for a site visit in order to move plans forward. The site visit took place in late April.

The site visit was undertaken by Helen Day, Director of H2oh! Entertainment. It was a lovely sunny day, and it was easy to see why Mr Pugh was keen to hold the event outside. The garden was a beautiful setting for a party, with stunning landscaping and a wonderful outlook. The flow of guests through the event was discussed, as well as the nuances of how the artists might interact with them. Whilst a plan was made to utilise the wonderful garden, a wet weather plan was also discussed, with options for indoor performances being looked at. Additionally, the provision of a sound engineer with a powerful PA system was discussed. This was to be provided by H2oh! and was primarily for the circus cabaret, however could also be used to provide background music throughout the party, and microphones for the speeches. A simple steel deck stage would also be provided by H2oh!, to ensure the all guests could see the acts during the cabaret show.

Following on from the site visit, a revised proposed was submitted to Mr Pugh, who approved the list of suggested acts, services and budget. A contract was drawn up so that Mr Pugh was absolutely clear on what he could expect from us, and what we would require from him on the day in terms of access, spaces to change etc, and following a few more phone calls to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s, the day itself came around.

Delightfully, it was the bright and sunny day that we had hoped for. The H2oh! team were on site early to set up. Helen managed the event personally, with several event assistants to help set up the tight wire and aerial rigs, to liaise with performers, and to ensure the acts ran to schedule.

Mr Pugh was delighted with his personal ‘Pocket Circus’, saying some very kind words about H2oh! in his speech to guests after the acts had performed.

You can see some footage shot by one of our event assistants here:

If you would like to discuss planning bespoke entertainment for your own event, be it a private party, corporate celebration, wedding or other, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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" Just to say thanks to you and to Matt who was great and very flexible on a busy day"

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