Shadow Puppetry and Silhouette Acts

Shadow Puppetry has come into huge popularity since it got revitalised on Britain’s Got Talent. There are a number of creative techniques using acrobatic techniques, puppets and hand created shadows that create spectacular visuals that can be used in advertising, live shows and television shows.

Our talented puppeteers and performers can create shadows of classic animals such as birds and elephants with famous celebrities, well known characters, interesting scenes and magic tricks set to music to create a one of a kind performance suitable for all nationalities and age groups.

Silhouettes and Art

We have some fantastic silhouette acts such as Silhouette cutters where guests are given charming silhouette profiles of themselves, and are entertained not just by the banter and wit of the artist, but how brilliantly he quickly cuts to create a work of art.The piece can then also be presented in a frame with the name and date of the event on it.

Watch a promo for silhouette cutting here:

Coffee Silhouette Art is a brand new, and very unusual act. We supply an artist who draws individuals' portraits in coffee foam, taking about 3-5 minutes per portrait. A wonderful idea for clients looking for something guests won't have seen before.

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" I thought the workshop today was brilliant - I thought very highly of Paul - he kept them v engaged and entertained throughout - not an easy task with the age group. They…"

Carrie Harrison-Iddon, Stagecoach